Month: May 2019

What to DIY and what NOT to DIY for Your Wedding

Everyone wants to make their wedding special and memorable. That is often why the bride and groom due to DIY to make their special day truly unique. There are definitely lots of things you can DIY for your wedding, which is fun and makes the day amazing. But there are also some things you should… Read more »

Small wedding venues making a BIG impact

There was once a time when everyone dreamed about having a huge wedding. There would be a big venue with hundreds of guests. But times are changing and now we are seeing more people opt for small wedding venues instead. This is an interesting trend and downsizing may be a better option for you, offering… Read more »

The Best Farm and Barn Wedding Venues in the UK

Over the years, couples have been moving away from traditional wedding venues. Everyone is looking for something different and that is going to make their big day extra special. This has included farm and barn weddings. This can be a fun way to create a rustic of country theme, perhaps that reflects your heritage or… Read more »