Month: October 2019

30 Photos for Your Photographer to Capture

30 best wedding photographs

Everyone wants to cherish the memories of their wedding day forever. Of course, one of the most popular ways to do this is with a photographer. They follow you around on your special day, using their skills to capture the amazing moments you will look back on in years to come.  There are some obvious… Read more »

Going unplugged? We share our best tips for telling guests.

unplugged ceremony

Subtle Ways to Stop Your Guests Pulling Out Their Phones in the Ceremony Everybody is obsessed with technology in today’s society, especially their mobile phone. Whether you are walking down the street or at a bar, someone always has their phone out taking photos. No one can put it down for two minutes After all,… Read more »

How to Turn a Farmer’s Field into the Ideal Wedding Reception

Farmers Field wedding

So, it is time to plan your wedding reception. You want to make it unique and memorable; not the run-of-the-mill reception that everybody expects you to have. This requires you to think outside of the box. How about having an outdoor wedding? Even better, what about choosing somewhere different like a farmer’s field? You may… Read more »