30 best wedding photographs

30 Photos for Your Photographer to Capture

19th October 2019

Everyone wants to cherish the memories of their wedding day forever. Of course, one of the most popular ways to do this is with a photographer. They follow you around on your special day, using their skills to capture the amazing moments you will look back on in years to come. 

There are some obvious photos you will want, such as your family photo and a snap of you and your spouse on your special day. But there are some photos that a lot of couples forget about that will be great to look back on.

Here are 30 photos for your photographer to capture on your wedding day.

Sami Tipi midlands venue

The Venue

You want to remember where you tied the knot. Have the photography take shots of the venue and surrounding landscape before everyone starts to arrive. You will be glad you did afterwards! 

Image Credit: Coco Wedding Venues: Sami Tipi Midlands

Bride getting ready

The Bride Getting Ready

Getting ready with your best friends your side is often one of the highlights of the big day. A photographer can come into your suite beforehand and capture the moments as they happen.

Image Credit: Carlton Adkins photography

bride with mother

The Mother and the Daughter

There is nothing more emotional than seeing a mother and the daughter on her wedding day. This is going to make a lovely photo to look back on in years to come, especially when they are getting ready for the big day.

Image Credit: Curious Rose Photography

Groom getting ready

The Groom Getting Ready

Getting ready for the wedding is a big moment for the groom too. Family and friends are all there for support and this is a great time for some photos.

Image Credit: Carlton Adkins photography

groom with father

The Father and the Groom

There is a special bond between the father and son. A photographer can capture the magic as it unfolds before the big day.

Image Credit: John Coleson

brides shoes photo

The Bride’s Shoes

Let’s be honest; you probably splashed out on your wedding shoes. But they never get the attention they deserve on your big day. Since they are hidden underneath your dress, be sure to get a photo of them. 

Image Credit: Heaton Wedding Photography

the veil

The Veil

Every bride loves their veil. Ask your photographer to take a photo capturing your veil in all its beauty so that you can admire it in years to come!

Image Credit: Fiona Kelly Photography

the dress

The Wedding Dress

The bride always looks so beautiful in her white dress and with lovely flowers. This calls for a photo before everything gets livelier. 

Image Credit: David Leibst

bride arriving

The Bride Arriving

Are you travelling in style to your wedding? Whether you are in a classic car or a limousine, you have got to capture the moment the bride first steps out. 

Image Credit: Laura May

father of bride

The Father of the Bride

It is an emotional moment when the father gives away bride before walking down the aisle. This will make a beautiful snapshot for the wedding album.

Image Credit: Amber Marie

groom waiting

The Groom Waiting

The groom will be nervous waiting on his bride walking down the aisle. This will be a moment that some grooms forget. A photo will be the perfect reminder.

Image Credit: Paul Joseph photography

walking down aisle

Walking Down the Aisle

Sometimes walking down the aisle can be a blur. It is a big moment that can be emotional and this means your photographer has got to capture the moment everyone sees you.

Image Credit: Andy Saywell

The Groom Seeing the Bride

It is a loving moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time. That look can only be captured by a professional.

Image Credit: Christine Mcnally Photography

family and friends

Shots of Family and Friends

Taking shots of the family and friends during the ceremony is a good idea. You can see everyone’s reactions, including the parents.

Image Credit: Chris Barber

exchanging rings

Exchanging Rings

When it is time to exchange the rings, the ceremony really begins. This is a defining moment that you will want to look back on.

Image Credit: Roostain

first kiss

The First Kiss

The first kiss as husband and wife is always special. This is going to be one of the most treasured photos in your album.

Image Credit: Toby Lowe

aisle married

Walking Down the Aisle Together

Walking down the aisle after the ceremony is exciting and all of the nerves disappear. It will be full of smiles to capture as you want away surrounded by loved ones.

Image Credit: CD Miller

confetti shot

Confetti Celebration

It is time to celebrate tying the knot! This calls for confetti celebrations; the perfect moment to capture with all the colours, smiling faces and joy in the air.

Image Credit: Rob & Sarah Gillespie

group photo

The Group Photo

The group photo gathers everyone together to remember the special. While smiling, traditional ones are good, do not forget the fun ones too.

Image Credit: David Leibst

fun bridesmaids shot

A Fun Bridesmaids Photo

Everyone loves traditional shots but funny ones are great too. Why not get your bridesmaids to pose and have some fun before or after the ceremony?

Image Credit: Andi Li photogrpahy

Groom & Best Man

The Groom and Best Man

The groom and best man are good friends for life. This calls for a photo to celebrate the bond they have.

Image Credit: Jennifer Takes Photos

happy couple photo

The Happy Couple

There are not many quiet moments for the couple on their special day. But taking some couple photos is a way to spend some time together.

Image Credit: Ed Brown

wedding dog photo

With Your Pet

Do you have a furry friend attending your big day? Do not forget to take a photo with your best friend. This is sure to make a cute photo for the album, whether it is posing or an action shot.

Image Credit: Aaron Storry

wedding cake cutting

Cutting the Cake

Do you have a special cake for your wedding? Do not forget to take a photo and capture the moment you both cut the first slice.

Image Credit: Er photography

the speeches

The Speeches

Everyone loves the speeches. This is a time to gather around and enjoy some jokes, stories and loving memories.

Image Credit: Kathryn Edwards

wedding dinner

The Dinner

Let’s not forget to take photos of the dinner before it is all gone!

Image Credit: Kathryn Edwards

first dance

The First Dance

Action shots are always good to capture the moment. This includes a shot of you and your spouse during your first dance. Perhaps you have spent ages choreographing the perfect dance or even if you are just hitting the dance floor for the first time, you will want a photo to remember it like it was yesterday.

throwing the bouquet

Throwing the Bouquet

The moment everyone has been waiting for; throwing the bouquet! Capture the moment the next bride learns her fate.

Image Credit: Paul Joseph photography


Time to Party

Everyone enjoys a few drinks and breaks out their special moves on the dancefloor. These are some fun snaps for the album.

Image Credit: Paul Joseph photography


Fun Snapshots of the Night

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