Small wedding venues making a BIG impact

29th May 2019

There was once a time when everyone dreamed about having a huge wedding. There would be a big venue with hundreds of guests. But times are changing and now we are seeing more people opt for small wedding venues instead. This is an interesting trend and downsizing may be a better option for you, offering a more intimate setting to marry your significant other.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of a small wedding venue.

Grittenham Barn is a wonderful small wedding venue. Website: Photo credit: Amy B Photography

Small venues can make your wedding more intimate and personal

Some large weddings can seem very formal and more like a ceremony. But with a small wedding, you can make it more personal and special for the bride and groom. It also lets you choose somewhere unique and fun. You can make your wedding laid-back, social or anything you want it to be. For example, you can get married on a farm, in your favourite inn or even a beautiful garden. You have more freedom to choose somewhere that is special to you.  

You have more budget towards the food & drink!

With more money to spend on the day, you can choose to add some more luxuries to the food and drink line-up. With a big wedding, you are often restricted on the menu due to the number of people that are attending. You often put more thought into the price than what is actually being served. But a smaller wedding means you can concentrate on making the food and drink even better. This includes champagne and signature cocktails or even an extra course for dinner. There is a lot more freedom you can enjoy when you have more money to spend on other things than just the venue. So, you may want to consider moving away from traditional, big venues to enjoy other benefits.

You can invite fewer people, and get a chance to speak to everyone on the day

When you have so many guests at your wedding, you will spend the whole night trying to get around and talk to everyone. The good thing about choosing a smaller venue is that you will have a shorter guest list. You can invite the people that matter the most to you and actually spend more time with everyone. We are talking about quality time and being able to enjoy your wedding. With a big wedding, meeting all of your guests is just not possible. There is too many people to get around that you spend your whole wedding day doing just that.

Your budget can go much further!

A big wedding ultimately comes with big costs. Everything is going to be double, especially the venue. The great thing about a small wedding venue is that you are going to have more money to play with. You will not have to save up for as long and you can choose to have more decorations or entertainment at your wedding. This is all going to contribute to a more enjoyable and memorable experience. What’s more, a lot of smaller wedding venues are non-traditional and different places. This may bring down the cost more than large, popular wedding venues.

You can upgrade the entertainment to have an awesome party!

Entertainment is a big part of every wedding. But if you are spending so much money on a large venue, you may not have a lot left for the entertainment. With a smaller wedding venue, you can get those little things that are going to make your day extra special for you and your guests.

For example, you can hire the Taxi photo booth for your big day. This is an alternative to a professional photographer and it can be part of your entertainment in the evening. Guests can enjoy taking their own fun snaps on the day and take home the prints at the end of the night. Of course, the great thing about this photo booth is that it is unique. It is a classic taxi that used to run around the streets of London and now it has arrived at your wedding. It has been renovated and converted into a photo booth with all of the latest technology. This includes a DSLR camera to capture special moments.

Be more free with your decoration

Again, when you have a bigger budget, you can make your wedding extra special. It is easy to get lost with a big wedding and you may not have a lot of freedom to adjust the decorations the way you want them. But with a smaller wedding, you may have more time and energy to make the decoration just the way you want it. For example, you could hire Love Letters for the big day. These are beautiful, free-standing letters that light up and are going to dazzle the room. Everyone is going to take notice of them and they are going to add to the magic of your wedding day.