Taxi Snaps are Taking Bookings for 2019 Weddings!

26th October 2017

Timing is everything when it comes to planning your wedding. It can take months to plan every detail of your wedding, from the invitations and dress to the wedding cake and venue. After all, you want the big day to be perfect; there’s no such thing as starting too early!

We all know that many aspects of the ceremony and reception have to be booked far in advance, in order to secure the exact date of your wedding. Booking in advance will prevent the stress of quick decisions and even save you money in the long run. Booking at the last minute is a sure way to take a risk for your wedding day and nobody wants disappointment on one of the biggest and best days of their life.

That is why Taxi Snaps are now taking bookings on the Taxi Snap Photo Booth for weddings in 2019! We understand the difficult decision you face when it comes to photographers; you never know who you can really trust for your big day. So, why not leave those troubles behind and let the Taxi Snap Photo Booth do all the hard work for you?

Making sure you have the best photographs on your wedding day is essential; you want everybody to see the bride and groom all dressed up, as well as the guests in their smartest outfits! Now with the Taxi Snap Photo Booth, you can make sure all of the great memories are captured on the night. What’s more, you can add a quirky and fun twist to your reception – a vintage British Taxi!

The Taxi Snap Photo Booth solves three problems in one; you can avoid hiring an unreliable and unexperienced photographer, you can have an entertainment solution for your reception and make a beautiful feature that is sure to get all of the guests talking! The Taxi Snap Photo Booth is a vintage hackney carriage from the streets of London that has been specially refurbished and resprayed white for your special day. While the taxi is classic, you can be assured that all of the technology inside is up-to-date. The advanced DSLR camera takes superior quality snaps and the latest printing technology means images are sharp and colourful, perfect for keeping in your wallet or making into a keyring! In addition, the modern interactive touchscreen that’s in the back makes it easy for guests of all ages to take photos and shoot videos. It even has a countdown timer so everybody can join in. All you have to do is climb into the passenger seat to take selfies and have fun; your guests will love it!

The Taxi Snap Photo Booth is now taking booking for 2019 weddings and we can guarantee our affordable prices and great packages will remain the same just for you. You can enjoy unlimited prints on your wedding day, as well as a special guestbook that can be filled with photos and messages from your guests. This will make a great keepsake to look back on in years to come. In addition, all images and videos can be shares instantly from inside the taxi on social media. This will give your wedding day the attention it deserves; you may even find your new profile photo!

What’s more, you will even be provided with fun props on the reception night, so your guests can pose with hilarious hats, glasses and moustaches for their new Instagram post or memento. This is sure to keep them entertained for hours, especially the kids! Don’t forget, all of the images and videos from the evening can be put onto a USB stick, so you can look back on your wedding and create photobooks of the special day, as well as share them with guests.

If you are worried about setting up and getting the Taxi Snap Photo Booth to your wedding, you don’t have to. A special events manager will be assigned to your 2019 wedding to help you plan in advance. Our team will take care of all the set up in the day of the wedding reception, so you can concentrate on celebrating and getting married. We will even create lovely outdoor décor around the Taxi Snap Photo Booth to make sure it complements your venue!

What are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start arranging your special day and to make your dream wedding come true. Now with Taxi Snap Photo Booth, you can take care of all your photographs at your reception, as well as provide entertainment and a beautiful feature at your venue. Does it get any more British than a London taxi?

Hail your Taxi Snap Photo Booth today to make your 2019 wedding perfect and add something extra special for your big day!